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Outdoor Learning Will enhance their social skills, & creativity

Outdoor learning is highly beneficial for 2-year-olds. It allows them to develop their gross motor skills through activities like running and climbing. It also promotes sensory exploration, language development, and social interactions, fostering their overall growth and development in a fun and engaging way.
Outdoor Learning enhances sensory development, social skills, & creativity
No Screens Means More Time For Engaged Learning

No Screens Means More Time For Engaged Learning

Screens distract, and your toddler needs to interact! They’ll engage with the real world as we enjoy nature walks in a safe neighborhood and discuss all that we see along the way, unraveling the world and developing the mind with every step.

A Mobile Library Gets Them Excited About Reading & Learning

Thanks to “The Book Mobile,” your child can access new books and stories every 2-3 weeks. This mobile library keeps storytime fresh and fun, allows your little one to discover new interests, and helps build the foundational reading skills they need for their development.
Book Mobile
An Indoor Activity Center Keeps Your Toddler Moving

Indoor Activity Keeps Your Toddler Moving

When it rains, your child can still have plenty of indoor activity! Obstacles, inclines, bouncy houses, and more challenge your little one’s growing muscles, keeping them healthy and happy.

Our Curriculum Hones Social-Emotional Skills

At this age, many toddlers can’t yet process their complex emotions. The curriculum helps your toddler understand what they’re feeling, as teachers instill the values of fairness, empathy, and kindness.
The PEACE Curriculum Hones Social-Emotional Skills
Children Grow The Produce For Their Yummy, Healthy Menu

Children Grow The Produce For Their Yummy, Healthy Menu

Those foods look familiar because they are! Your toddler gets the hands-on benefit of tending a garden while seeing their hard work pay off. An in-house chef prepares daily nutritious meals using the garden produce they helped grow.

A Mind-Body Connection Starts With Dance, Yoga, & More

A Mind-Body Connection Starts With Dance, Yoga, And More
Outdoor Science Center And Gardening Every Day

Outdoor Science Center & Gardening Every Day

For up to two hours a day, your child takes all the space they need to have fun, jump, crawl, and climb over outdoor play: an outdoor science classroom and a garden area where your child gets busy with hands-on exploration and fun.

State Accredited To Deliver Quality Early Learning

The MSDE and Excel Quality Provider accreditations let you know your early childhood programs aced the test for quality care. This stamp of approval ensures you are making an excellent choice for your child.
State Accredited To Deliver Quality Early Learning
Trust Degreed Teacher With A Passion For Child Care

Trust Degreed Teacher With A Passion For Child Care

Instructors have highly educated themselves and have either an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree and are state-credentialed. Your child benefits from a team that is passionate about education and values their role as your child’s talented teacher.

Sparkling Clean & Focused On Safety

Our staff are committed to keeping your child’s space ultra clean and sanitized, to guard against cold and flu-causing germs. Tall privacy fences that surround our enclosed yard and security cameras keep your toddler safe and sound.
Sparkling Clean And Focused On Safety

Parents Are Buzzing About Us!

We have been absolutely amazed & delighted...

I have to share how absolutely phenomenal the pre-k teachers have been at The Learning Bee. We have been absolutely AMAZED and DELIGHTED with our experience. Our child is absolutely soaring and thriving and has learned SO much. They share progress throughout the day in their mobile app. We could not ask for a more perfect preschool and daycare!!

Abigail Rogers

The teachers genuinely care about children...

Our son has attended the Learning Bee for almost 2 years and it has been a wonderful experience. The teachers and staff genuinely care about the children, they provide healthy meals, and coordinate interesting and age appropriate activities for the kids. Our son comes home anxious to practice what he has learned. We always know what he did during the day and we receive pictures daily.

Natalie Cline

They are always available to answer...

I cannot say enough positive things about The Learning Bee. The staff and teachers are incredibly nurturing and caring, and they go above and beyond to ensure that my boys are loved, happy and supported. They are always available to answer any questions or concerns we may have, and provide frequent updates on our child's progress and activities through the app Procare.

Jessica Foley


Productive, hardworking, & family like team...

The Learning Bee is the place to go if you are looking for a friendly, productive, hardworking, and family like team. During my experience here it has been nothing but amazing. The Directors all care deeply about everyone and are very understanding about everything. They take the word "team" and "bonding" very seriously here. The Learning Bee has unconditional love for all of the kids.

Aaliyah Oliveira

The ladies at the front are always so polite...

My daughter has been at the learning bee in the prek class and she loves it. Her teacher Mrs. Emily has been fantastic. The rest of the teachers and aides have been great. The ladies at the front are always so polite and helpful. Our experience has been very pleasant. My daughter has learned a lot from the curriculum and is already ready for kindergarten! Thanks Learning Bee!

Amy Anderson

The staff is friendly and have been excellent...

My son started there when he was one and now attends the Pre-K program there. We have had nothing but positive experiences the entire time. They send out newsletters to let you know what your child will be doing and weekly meal plans. The staff is friendly and have been excellent in teaching my son. He has learned so much and his development has been wonderful.

Tommeaka Brown

Everyone around there are very friendly...

Learning bee was the best place for my Daughter she has been there ever since she turned 18 months now she is 4 years old , she was in the best hands when I would work at peace. She has always come back home happy and with full of joy and in her best spirits, great teachers very loving and caring, everyone around there are very friendly. All the best to learning bee!!!

Vidhya Nathan

They have a learning based curriculum...

My oldest son started as an infant and now I have a toddler and infant enrolled. My newly turned 3 year old knows his letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and is potty trained. They have a learning based curriculum with a new theme weekly. The have a chef on site who cooks two healthy snacks and meal per child. You will not find a more caring team for your children!

Amber Hagy

She also learned a lot including Spanish...

I took my niece there when she was aged 1-4 and she had a wonderful experience. She looked forward to coming daycare. She also learned a lot including some basic Spanish, which we were very impressed with. She teachers were so kind and caring. They respond quickly and we loved seeing what the school was up to on social media.

Nicole Brudner

watch your child thrive with a love of nature And Respect For Others!