Preschool (3’s Program & 4’s Program)

At The Learning Bee we provide the lesson plans and activities for your child to expand his/her scholastic skills while her personal and social development is guided. We provide themed units that are interesting, challenging, educational, and fun. Math skills are taught using a “Hands-on” approach with problem solving, counting, matching and sorting objects. Science concepts are presented to explore and wonder using the five senses and learning about cause and effect.

Pre- Reading skills are developed by singing songs, conversations, questions and answers, rhymes, finger plays, listening games for sounds, symbols, letter identification and sounds, reading books, story telling, introduction of new vocabulary words, and drawing. We also provide time each day for Physical Development through various mediums such as dancing, music and movement, obstacle courses, jumping, marching, running, games, and climbing on our outdoor climbing castle. Hand-Eye coordination and small muscles development is promoted through use of finger paint, play dough, markers, crayons, chalk, cutting with scissors and paper, cubes, blocks, beads, and puppets.

In addition, Personal and Social Development is very important for future school success so we encourage children to learn manners and respect for others and property. We provide praise and encouragement for trying new activities, helping others, learning ways to resolve conflicts, expressing feelings, and using words to ask for help.