Your Child Gains Skills They Need To Succeed

As They Develop Lasting Friendships As Well As Independence

Your Child Gains Skills They Need To Succeed

As They Develop Lasting Friendships As Well As Independence

Preschool Program | 3 - 4 years | Serving Frederick, MD

Building A Connection With Nature, Not Screens

Your child will appreciate the beauty of the natural world around them as they discover birds, flowers, and critters on a nature walk in our pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. A nature-based early education benefits physical health and mood, as well as cognitive development.

Beam Projection System For Educational Games And Fun

Your child will run, kick, spin, and jump their way through dozens of educational games projected onto the ground. Interactive activities teach number and letter recognition as they move their bodies while learning.

Obstacles And Playspaces Keep Your Child Moving

Your child’s motor skills get a real workout thanks to obstacles, inclines, bounce houses, balls, and more on our indoor playground. They’ll climb, jump, and wriggle their way through problem-solving and rigorous yet gentle physical challenges, keeping them healthy and energized.

The PEACE Curriculum For Social-Emotional Skills

Learning how to handle emotions is a significant milestone in your preschooler’s development. Our patient teachers work through any frustration with them, taking the opportunity to talk about feelings, identify them, and show your child how to self-regulate.

Garden Ingredients Make Your Child's Menu Unique

An in-house chef serves up delicious hot meals with ingredients your child has helped grow! Fresh herbs and vegetables delight your child when they recognize their handiwork on their plate. They learn the value of healthy eating habits now.

Music, Gymnastics, Yoga, And Spanish Lessons Included

Enrichment activities like yoga teach focus and coordination, and music teacher and an on-site piano spur movement, and spark joy! Every child deserves a chance to enhance their learning, which is why they learn a second language.

Two Hours Outside Every Day For Hands-On Learning

Your child loves the outdoor playtime they enjoy up to two hours a day, as they swing, crawl, and climb over age-appropriate structures and make friends. Tending to their very own garden brings satisfaction, as they learn first-hand about life cycles and how to care for nature.

Our State Accreditations Ensure Top-Quality Care

The MSDE Accreditation and certification as an Excel Quality Provider guarantees that programs meet rigorous benchmarks. We have proudly earned the state’s stamp of approval when it comes to delivering top-quality education.

Educated Teachers That Are Passionate About What They Do

Teachers have Associate’s or Bachelor’s degrees and are all state-credentialed. With each of them having years of experience teaching students of all ages, you can rest assured that your child is in caring and qualified hands.

Safety And Cleanliness To Guard Your Child's Health

Tall privacy fences and security cameras put parents at ease, knowing that we’ve taken the precautions to safeguard your child. A dedicated, on-site cleaning crew keeps your child’s tools, toys, and spaces disinfected, preventing the spread of icky germs and bacteria!

watch your child thrive with a love of nature And Respect For Others!