It's Good To Bee Home!

Children live in harmony with themselves,
each other, and the natural environment

It’s Great To Bee Home!

Welcome To Nature-Based Learning And The Peace Education Curriculum

Preschool & Daycare Serving Frederick, MD

FREE Public Preschool - PreK -3 and PreK -4

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We Promise To Give Your Child A True Slice Of Home

Your child deserves the cozy comfort that comes with familiar faces and a loving, attentive ownership team. Founder Cindi Webb is a mother of five.  She and her highly qualified teachers take sheer joy in sharing the day with your child; keeping them safe, happy, and loved.

A Maryland EXCELS Top Rating Shows Commitment To Excellence

A Maryland EXCELS 5 Quality Rating proves our commitment to delivering the best learning and care experience for your family. Plus, the national “Let’s Move” initiative shows a focus on healthy habits as a crucial part of your child’s early development.

Life-Sized Interactive Video Games Get Your Child Moving

Get your child jumping, chasing, and problem-solving with dozens of educational games. These interactive games are projected directly on the floor for an enormous amount of energetic, whole-body movement and fun!
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Nature-Based Learning For Health And Happiness

For your child to experience the world first-hand, they spend a lot of time outdoors, marvelling at the wonders of nature.  Nature-based, screen-free early education increases children’s sense of contentment and inner peace.

Children Tend A Garden To Eat The Veggies They Grow

Cucumbers, tomatoes, and fresh herbs make their way to your child’s plate from the garden they tend. The on-site chef delights in preparing fresh food, hot lunches, and healthy snacks for your child, as a part of our promise to focus on your child’s well-being.

Your Child Develops A Positive Attitude And Winning Social Skills

Teachers model and guide your child in their Peace Education.  Your child gains the values, the knowledge, and develops the attitudes, skills, and behaviors to live in harmony with themself, with others, and with the natural environment.

Outdoor Play And Gardening Everyday

For up to two hours a day, your child gets the sun and fresh air they crave. They will climb, run, and crawl over play structures and make new friends. Gardens offer the enjoyable hands-on experience of nurturing a seed to sprout.

Enrichments Such As Daily Music, Yoga, And Spanish

Enrichments open a world of learning for your child beyond basic academics. The addition of enrichments to your child’s daily curriculum stimulates them in novel ways that develop their brain and and strengthen neural pathways.

Daily brain-boosting enrichments include:

Highly Qualified Teachers Deliver Quality Experiences

Your child benefits from early learning expertise with degreed teachers in every classroom. Teachers have Associate’s degrees, Bachelor’s degrees, and your baby’s teacher in the infant room boasts more than 15 years experience.

Safe And Snug In Their Sweet Haven

Tall privacy fences and fenced-in perimeters shield street visibility, and security cameras keep a constant watch on your child. Vigilant, highly trained teachers add an extra layer of security to give you peace of mind.

Thorough Sanitization Keeps Your Child Highly healthy

Because little ones can make big messes, and on-site cleaning crew responds instantly to keep your child’s space clean. While closed, your child’s tools, toys, and equipment are disinfected and sanitized to kill cold and flu causing germs on the spot and keep your child healthy.

Welcoming Parents Like You With The Better Together Committee

Partnering with you creates a tribe your child can depend on. Play the ukulele? Have a cool job? Share your talents, or join the Better Together Committee to support coat drives, Blessings in a Backpack, and more.

Yes, We Offer Tuition Support Options

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