Kindergarten, Here I Come!

Vibrant Personalities With Strong Academic Skills

Kindergarten, Here I Come!

Vibrant Personalities With Strong Academic Skills

Pre-K Program | 4 - 5 years | Serving Frederick, MD

Hands-On Experiences Based In Nature Play

Our screen-free approach invites your child to engage in hands-on learning. Nature walks, storytime, project learning, and discussion hone your child’s language skills, while counting games sharpen math skills, setting your child on the path to kindergarten success.

Interactive Beam Projector Turns The Floor Into a Movement Game

Your child jumps runs, and whirls around during the dozens of educational games our projector offers. A collision of healthy exercise and early learning themes make this one of your child’s favorite activities, as they problem-solve their way through challenging games.

The PEACE Education Builds More Self-Love And Friendships

Your child learns about the consequences of their actions and cooperation, respect, and responsibility. Thanks to the PEACE Education curriculum, your little learner understands how to recognize and process their emotions; this builds their confidence and teaches them how to relate to others.

An Indoor Play Space For Gross Motor Skill Mastery

Your child exercises problem-solving skills and sharpens their gross motor skills as they navigate their way through obstacle courses, climb inclines, kick and catch balls, and more, getting the exercise they need even on rainy days.

Healthy, Garden Fresh Meals Keep Your Little One Fueled

An on-site chef prepares healthy and delicious meals daily to keep your child energized. They’ll get a kick out of seeing the vegetables and herbs they’ve tended to in our garden being added to the menu, showing them the fruits of their labor and instilling a sense of pride!

Music, Yoga, Spanish, Bring Out More Self-Expression

Yoga and gymnastics teach focus and self-regulation while learning a second language boosts communication skills. With a dedicated music teacher and an on-site piano, your child will always be singing, dancing, and expressing creatively!

Daily Outdoor Play Invigorates Your Child

In our outdoor play area, your child tends to a garden and nurtures a seed to a sprout, which teaches them about life cycles and the magic of nature. They also run, jump, climb, and swing on our playground, exercising muscles and social skills as they stay active.

Accredited And Recognized A Top-Notch Quality Provider

We’re MSDE Accredited and an Excel Quality Provider. That means our programs, campus, teachers, and administrators demonstrate evidence of a job well done, letting parents know we’re a dependable, safe choice for your little one.

Caring, Qualified Teachers Mean Your Child is In Capable Hands

Our teachers have Associate’s or Bachelor’s degrees and are all have state-credentialed, demonstrating that they have completed increased requirements for annual professional development training. Your child’s teacher isn’t just caring, but competent and educated too!

Safe And Clean To Give Parents Peace Of Mind

Privacy fences and security cameras assure you that your child is safe in our care. An on-site professional cleaning crew sanitizes your child’s spaces daily, shielding them from cold and flu germs and keeping them healthy.

watch your child thrive with a love of nature And Respect For Others!