Friendships, Hands-On Discovery, And Nature

Screen-Free, Nature-Based, Hands-On Learning and Fun

Friendships, Hands-On Discovery, And Nature

Screen-Free, Nature-Based, Hands-On Learning and Fun

toddlers | 12 – 24 Months | Serving Frederick, MD

Nature Walks And Outdoor Play Invigorate And Delight

Your toddler spends up to two hours a day outside, where we enjoy nature walks in our pedestrian-friendly neighborhood and talk about what’s growing in our campus garden. Playing in the fresh air and sunshine allows your child to learn about flora and fauna firsthand.

A Soft Play Are Is Where Your Child Gets Moving

Daily physical play boosts muscles and lays the foundation for healthy habits. Your child climbs, explores, and rolls around on a soft play area made just for them to keep their body moving and develop their large muscle groups.

Social-Emotional Skills Bloom With The PEACE Curriculum

Social skills are developed during circle group time when your child takes turns and plays with new friends. Your toddler also learns how to work through new emotions, as our qualified teachers name feelings, model respect, and gently redirect behavior to mitigate frustrating moments.

Daily Enrichments Include Music, Yoga, And Spanish

Music and dance teach mind-body coordination, with our dedicated music teacher playing the piano and encouraging your toddler to sing, rhyme, move, and express themselves creatively. Yoga and gymnastics develop mindfulness and focus, while Spanish and baby sign language offer new ways to communicate.

Your Little One Grows The Fresh Ingredients For Their Healthy Menu

Our on-site chef serves up delicious meals focused on healthy ingredients that include produce and herbs harvested from our very own garden. A nutritious food program keeps your child fueled for the day’s activities, saving you on morning meal prep.

Founded By A Mom Of Five; We Understand What Families Need

We put together a team that is qualified but cares for your child as one of their own. Founded by Cindy Webb, a mother of five, you can expect a welcoming, warm home-away-from-home that understands the importance of family and community.

Industry Experts Recognize The High-Quality Of Care We Provide

Being MSDE Accredited and an Excel Quality Provider, we have been recognized as a dependable destination for early childhood education. Our campus, staff, and curriculum are evaluated against a high-quality set of standards compiled by industry experts.

Degreed Teachers Who Care And Deliver Quality Experiences

Teachers are handpicked for their caring, vivacious natures. All staff are highly degreed and state-credentialed and meet the requirements for annual professional development. Trust that a team of caring professionals is ready to work with you every step of the way.

Safety And Cleanliness Keep Your Baby Healthy

An on-site cleaning crew is never far to keep up with daily sanitation of your child’s tools, toys, and spaces, offering them a healthy environment. Your child deserves the best early education experiences, which includes frequent and thorough deep cleaning.

watch your child thrive with a love of nature And Respect For Others!