Child Care Accreditation Is Important To Us

There is a difference when your childcare or preschool program is accredited through Maryland Accreditation, a division of Early Education

When you are looking for a childcare or preschool, some may be licensed and some may be Accredited. All programs must be licensed but not all programs are ACCREDITED.  Why should you look for a school that is ACCREDITED?

Accreditation is a voluntary process that a school undertakes. It can be a costly endeavor that may take several years to achieve.  The Learning Bee was one of the first schools in Frederick County to achieve Accreditation and we are proud to have maintained and passed 3 Accreditation processes since we opened.

Academically, Accreditation means that the The Learning Bee has met the highest academic standards and has gone through a rigorous process of evaluation and improvement based on the highest quality standards.  Accreditation requires preschools and childcare centers to meet standards that are much higher than the basic state requirements.   The teachers meet higher levels of education qualifications and are required to take higher levels of continuing education courses each year.

Accreditation looks are the areas of Program Administration, Program Operations and Home and Community Partnerships.  Attention and details is given to Academics, Classroom Environment and Materials, Teacher Qualifications, Teacher and Student Relationship, Family Partnership, Community Involvement and Outreach, School Administration and more. Accreditation is a commitment to quality.

What does this mean for your child?

Your child will benefit from being in a classroom that has been evaluated by trained Early Childhood Education specialists to ensure that the environment gives your child access to educational materials that will enhance his growth and development. Your child will be Kindergarten ready!

Your child will be taught by teachers of the highest caliber who will provide enrichment and creative opportunities for your child on a daily basis. Our teachers allow the children to take on responsibility and to be independent as they work and care for the environment which gives the child pride in her accomplishments.  Children are capable and we allow them to be!

Your child will benefit from STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) work daily and have the opportunity to explore, research, experiment and record daily work.  Children need to experiment and try new things daily – this is how they learn. We let them “get messy” as needed to enhance the hands-on learning. They learn to try, sometimes fail, and try again. This builds a sense of resilience for future learning and success.

Your child will also benefit from being in an environment where we allow children to be children. Because of our Accreditation and training in developmentally appropriate practice, we can support children where they are and help facilitate continued growth, so each child reaches her individual potential. We are able to cater to the individual needs of the child. The environment is caring, kind and respectful and we teach our students to treat others in this manner.

Praise for The Learning Bee

After a recent visit in April, Accreditation Validator from the Maryland State Department of Education, Judith Dighe, called The Learning Bee a “Top School.” “Although you have many children in the Kindergarten Readiness class reading, all the children were being challenged and engaged and needs met at all levels.”

Maryland Accreditation

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